Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Configure VLAN's in Solaris Zones

Solaris 10 zone with Vlan

This is in the case you want to configure a VLAN in your Solaris Zone.

First check that you are connected to a trunk, then proceed with configuration.

Let's say you want to connect to the vlan id 134 and your interface name is bge1.
So you have to calculate it like this:

VLAN int name = physical interface driver name + VLAN ID *1000 + physical device instance

bge + 134 * 1000 + 1 = bge134001

Then you have to Plumb the interface:

#ifconfig bge134001 plumb

Now you have to configure the zone so it can use the interface you created.

#zonecfg -z zonename

> add net
net> set physical=bge134001
net> set address=
net> set defrouter=
net> end

Now let's reboot the zone in case it was online:

#zoneadm -z zonename reboot

With "ifconfig -a" you will see that a new interface was created, in this case it will be:


And that's it, try to logon to the zone you've created with ssh or login from the global zone with

zlogin zonename

and check if everything went ok.

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